Hanso CD Extractor - Ripping and Converting Audio Files

hanso-cdextractor-boxshot-190x240Hanso CD Extractor is a lite but powerful application for managing a wide range of audio-related projects. Its core functions are ripping and converting audio files, helping you transfer your CD music collection into an easy-accessible library available anytime on your hard drive or other portable devices.

With Hanso CD Extractor ripping is made amazingly simple and accurate through the use of jitter correction for quality control. The program normalizes your files to offer consistent volume levels and allows you to discover track information reading from the CD's .ini file or by using the CDDB database online to save you the time and effort of entering music metadata yourself.

Hanso CD Extractor employs LAME as its default encoder but provides the user with the possibility to use it along with other encoding tools for different formats. The app’s functionality ensure a completely digital experience which means that, unlike many similar programs, it does not make the conversion of the file to analog and then back to digital.


Hanso CD Extractor’ main features include:

  • Easy-to-work-with interface;
  • Ability to create PLS and M3U playlist files;
  • Ability to normalize audio files;
  • Support for various file formats/audio encoders includingWAV, MP3, OGG, VQF,
  • Advanced jitter correction;
  • Enables transcoding of compressed audio files;
  • Support for ID3 V1 and V2 tags;
  • Support for CDDB;
  • Support for recording using the analog input line;
  • Built-in Player;




Download Hanso CD Extractor

Windows 8


Our products are compatible with Windows 8



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